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project initiated by: Aliona Yurtsevich   

 image by: Aliona Yurtsevich 

Sonification of visual data /

Sonification refers to the process of translating data into sound.
This project is an experiment. The concept was inspired by the idea to be able to translate the object through sound using visual image  as a map. 
By using music to represent data, the listener is exposed to many different interpretations, such as audio-visual and electro-acoustic, orchestral, instrumental - scored and improvised. The goal of this work is, by sonifying the chosen Tree, to investigate its actual sound property, 
to be able to hear its own music – the music that is encoded in nature, and which the human ear is not able to perceive.

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TREE / multi-media installation

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Academigebouw, Utrecht  Mar.25 /2007

TREE / study - I                                        /            read more         mo          mp3        
electronic tape piece for 6 audio channels 

TREE / study - II , "Swinging"                              /           read more           6.5 min / 2006
audio-visual composition for 6 audio channels

TREE / study - III   (2007)                               /           read more      /          / 2007
for solo flute / recorder and 6 channel live electronics

TREE / study - IV   (2007)                                     /             read more                                        
for solo contrabass
Concept:/  improvisation on graphic score (with no instructions)

TREE / study - V   (2007)                   /          
for two voices and live electronics

TREE / study - VI   (2007)                              /           read more               audio    
for piano, cello, percussion
live improvisation on graphic score (with instructions)

TREE / study - VII  (2010)                                 /           read more      /          / 2007
for recorder trio _aXolot_ / and 6 channel live electronics

TREE / study - VIII    (2010)                             /          
            [_hanging down from a tree one sunday afternoon_] 
for two voices, recorder trio and electronics                                                   
for recorder trio _aXolot_ 

TREE / study for RIO  (2009)                /              read more
for The Royal Imrpovisers Orchestra of Den Haag (RIO)  

TREE / for orchestra  (2006)                   /              read more 
for 10 musicians and tape.:  
Violin I-II (14), Viola (10), Cello (8), Contrabass (6), Piano, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon and audio tape