_ DANCE /:  

...in the stillness between two waves of the sea... / 2 0 0 9

    "Best Duo Dance Production 2010" winner of SzoloDuo International Dance Festival / Budapest
     w w w . s z o l o d u o . c o m

/...Walking like a single form,

    fixing eyes straight forward,

    two people walk slowly,

    each like the other,

    their destination shared.

    Together, they need no sign

    to stop or start;

    they may be more than two,

    they may travel at speed,

    it is the same.

    Understanding not of words,                                                   

        a resonance in fact,                                                                audio/          

    through a dialogue of consciousness.../

     / Excerpt from 'Resonance from Far Away' by Ushio Amagatsu /

                                          choreography | _Brian Tjon Tjauw Liem
                                                       dancers | _Brian Tjon Tjauw Liem _Margreet Nuijten 
                                                         music | 
_Aliona Yurtsevich  

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