12 Color Sonnets
 | 2014 | 50'min                                                        
       for voice, viola, piano/keyboard, 12 poems,
       reciting voices, electronics, light and video

          | written for and dedicated to |:

                           Bob Gilmore (1961-2015)
            S C O R D A T U R A ensemble

                Alfrun Schmid : voice, reciting
            Elisabeth Smalt : viola, reciting
            Bob Gilmore : piano/keyboards, electronics, reciting
           / www.scordaturaensemble.nl /

Since its inception in spring 2006, Amsterdam-based new music ensemble Scordatura Ensemble has presented exploratory music by a range of contemporary composers and sound artists that looks toward new tuning systems and microtonality as a way of expanding the harmonic vocabulary of music. The basic sound world of female voice, viola and MIDI keyboard is expanded by other sonorities depending on musical context. Their concerts feature “classics” from the worlds of microtonal and spectral music together with new commissions. Sometimes this crosses over into work in multimedia, involving text, video, dance, and light.

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                                                                  CD is currently released on POGUS /  www.pogus.com  /

            | commissioned by SCORDATURA Ensemble, Fonds Podiumkunsten  |  supported by KlankKleurFestival, SPLENDOR, DeVISHAL |