_S K E T C H E S
_  / ________________________work in progress /

 SKETCH - I                                                  

                                                                                                                          / ____________________original artwork by: A.Yurtsevich  /

This work is ongoing project and research, based on the series of SKETCHES
produced with an idea of creating multidisciplinary performance, where its artistic content and form are derived
entirely from the visual dramaturgy of the originally created graphic artwork,

Each sketch is a finished piece of the 'visual music' in its own right. The visual artwork (score), from the very beginning of its conception depicts imagined sound and the visual dramaturgy
of the music composition. Being a musician and visual artist myself, while creating this visual artwork as a graphic score, I kept in mind physiognomy of the musical medium for which this
score was written: physicality of the gestures or the performer and the movements of the body (time, gravity, space); musical parameters of the sound (volume, dynamics, timbre) and physicality
of the voice (breathing, pitch, musical gestures, textures); as well as, basic rules of creation of the aesthetically valuable visual work by keeping a balance through distribution of visual accents on canvas. The artwork (score) is not a pre-conceptualized theoretical idea nor exact prescription of what the final artistic result should be, but rather a starting point, an open
ground to 'yet to be discovered' choreographic and musical content of visual data, revealing to us its hidden essence.