G A M E L A N  P R O J E C T /

Initiated by: Ensemble Gending / in cooperation with the Utrecht school of the Arts
Curated by: Jurrien Sligter / Barbara Woof

/.....There is, somewhere in the world, a music whose beauty comes not from vibration but where beauty becomes vibration.
An orchestra made up only of percussion, but that plays melodies… What genre of music does it play ?
How to define it ? Do we gain something by knowing about it, by hearing it ? Definitions, generalities, illustrations to try
to grasp what is that instrumental ensemble we call gamelan. /

Theater Kikker, Utrecht / Sep.28, 2007                                     www.ensemblegending.nl

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composition for gong and 8 gamelan players, 10 min, 2007

'GONGON' is a non-traditional, contemporary composition for amplified gong ageng and 8 players, written for ensemble Gending.
Contrary to traditional gamelan music, in this composition the Gong Ageng is a leading instrument.
There are no doubts about the beauty and depth of the sound of Gong Ageng. The idea of zooming into its sound,
bringing to the surface the internal vibrations of this instrument through the amplification, which reveals to us rich and
hidden textures, is the main inspiration of the piece. An abstract sound scape weaved carefully by invisible dialog amongst
instruments of the gamelan - one story "told" by many voices...

Special thanks to ensemble 'GENDING':

Jurrien Sligter - conductor
Renske Spek - Gong Ageng

Jolanda de Heus - gong suwukan
Rop van de Poel -  kempul

Robbert van Hulzen - bonang panerus / gambang
Klaus Kuiper - rebab / gender panerus
Michel Ponsioen - bonang barung
Hans van Zijp - slenthem
Hans Witteman - saron barung

Special thanks to:
Klaas-Jan Govaart - for helping me with amplification of Gond Ageng
Marcel Janssen - for recording this performance