Different_Equations of Hesitation /

  for amplified ensemble and live electronics____/ 2008-09


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    harps I-II
    prepared piano
    8 channel live electronics    

'Different_Equation(s)' deals closely and intimately with the space and acoustics of the church, which was the main inspiration for the concept and musical material of the piece.

Space, generally, is used as a physical and a musical element - to 'place' the musicians using physical opposites of the space and to 'place' musical material using contrasting (opposite) musical textures and instrumental timbres. The acoustics and space of the church play the role of a living self-balancing surface that is constantly being penetrated by suddenly appearing musical textures, observes and defines their relationships and 'naturally forces' these textures to resolve their differences in the musical context of the piece. 

The name of the piece was borrowed from the mathematical term 'differential equation', which happens to explain the original idea of the piece best.  “Differential equations arise whenever a deterministic relationship involving some continuously changing quantities (modeled by functions) and their rates of change is known.... Differential equations are mathematically studied from several different perspectives, mostly concerned with their solutions, functions that make the equation hold true.”




Written for and performed at Nickolai Church, Utrecht, NL / Feb, 2008

trumpet: Stylianos Chatzikaleas
harp-I:    Maria Pozdnyakova
harp-II:   Sophia Warczak
oboe:      Natalia Morelos Gonzalez
piano:     Athanasios Fotiadis
harpsichord: Elsa Sofia Santos
live electronics: Klaas-Jan Govaart

Special thanks:
Barbara Woof, Marcel Wierckx, Hans Timmermans, Jurrien Sligter,
Elizabet van der Kooij, Thomas Koopmans, Nicolai kerk / Utrecht