A l i o n a   Y u r t s e v i c h


There are two philosophies regarding the creation of art. In one, the artist imposes a preconceived
or preplanned idea on the working media in order to create an art form designated for a specific audience.
The other philosophical approach is one based on inspiration. An impulse is seemingly received from an
external source but is ultimately generated on the subconscious level. This latter approach sees the
encounter of the artist and the media that becomes the work as predestined. Here, the artist does not
shape the work so much as act to bring out the media.
We function more as intermediaries, linking the intangible spirit of the work to the physical environment.
It is believed that all matter or substance is imbued with a life energy; some of it static, some of it
kinetic. With this energy comes a unique signature of form and vibration. The intuitive artist hears the
call of this vibration and perceives the true form beneath gross substance, attempting to cajole the spirit
inherent in the media to come to the surface and unfold, revealing its true beauty to the observer.