'T h e   H a n d'

in search for hidden powers...

audio-visual installation
(2.5 min video in sequence, 9"x 12" [3] C-prints)



There are many languages. By language, we most often take it to mean the spoken or written word. Beyond verbal and written language, there are body languages. Some are more comprehensible, than others, some are not. Some are not that visible, not that obvious, and some we just don’t pay attention to, because its language is spontaneous and unconscious.

Our body is physical, but does have a glimpse of intellectuality in it, especially in our hands. While certain physical gestures can vary in meaning across diverse groups of people, it is generally the body that more often and more accurately conveys the true meaning and intent of the individual.

It is in the hands, however, that one can observe either spontaneity or intention most clearly. The hands may move unconsciously in the course of conversation or gesture emphatically to make a point. The hands are, most importantly, both the tool and toolmaker; the conduit through which dreams and ideas must pass in order to be rendered concrete and physical.

This work is a meditation on the hands. These images form a sculptural landscape through which one can hint at the life and personality of its owner. Are they physical or cerebral? Do they toil at hard, manual labor or do they inhabit a world of aesthetic gentility? Its language sometimes can reflect or express more then we intend to. It would give out all our secrets, passions, strengths and weaknesses. Our whole essence is translated in the hand’s language - all unsaid words and unfinished sentences, all our fears and loves, their gently whispered poems, swirling in impromptu dance.
If, as they say, the eyes are the windows of the soul, then the hands are its roadmap.