S T E P s

experimental film / 8.min, 2004

  “STEPS” is a film made from the subconscious viewer – our feet.   Our life is a long journey that we have to walk through step by step. Our steps are the rhythm of our life. It is the subconscious pulse switched on the day we are born. By taking a closer look at each of our steps, we can recognize the pattern of our life.
   We walk in our daily life, not always noticing every detail around us, under our feet, above us, passing by small, but important things, which prove that our world is perfect as it is.
   When our vision is distorted or perceives a different, unusual angle our ears become fully aware of what is happening around us. We start hearing many other sounds and noises that we didn’t pay attention to before. Each sound proves the presence of life. We then realize, that there is a whole other world out there, where all the sounds and noises around us are in perfect harmony. They have a life of their own, conducted in One polyphonic orchestra, where we are all playing a solo part in some unknown composer’s piece.