B r o k e n   P r o j e c t i o n s

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video by: A.Yurtsevich

“Broken projections” is a experimental visual expression for electro-acoustic composition “Intersection” for magnetic tape (1953-54), by Morton Feldman (1926-1987) -  a composer for an original soundtrack for the Jackson Pollock  film,  as a contribution to the “Project for magnetic tape”, initiated  in 1952 by John Cage.

There no concrete pitches are composed, rather Feldman notates in a system of little squares solely the number of tones, which are to sound during a certain period of time on section of tape. In the same illogical and disjointed manner, visual images appear and disappear, creating an impression of a broken projector or a broken film. In parallel, there is an impression of the nature of our random thought processes and its incoherent behavior sometimes.

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